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Intensive360 was founded in 2010 to offer the IT market solutions which enable to manage complex enterprises networks in a smart way. The company’s products are developed and customized to automate procedures, reduce operating costs and maximize results in the routines and in financial flow of their customers.g

The company develops IT management projects tuned to the reality of each company, offers consulting and training with IT department team, responsible for operating the systems, with focus on the manager goals by reducing spending and infrastructure optimization.

Our solutions are 100% developed in Brazil – reverting into competitiveness and excellent cost-benefit to the market, and intuitive, administered from easy access interface for operators in the IT department, that need simplified systems to respond to the everyday demands of quite complex corporate environments.

Our core product is the Infra360 IT management solution, aimed to conduct the network infrastructure from datacenter to endpoints. It allows executives to have total visibility of information flow through a company, the full status of each hardware (desktops, notebooks, servers) and software licenses. In addition to that, it automates tasks and enables responses to calls in real time.


To offer efficient, unified and complete management of IT systems in corporate environments for small, medium and large companies.


To have our solutions as a national reference in simplified management of complex networks.


Commitment to the customer´s needs and expectations, commitment to innovation, competitiveness, ethics, responsibility and focus on results.


Intensive 360 works with a network of qualified partners to offer the company’s portfolio management solutions, customize them for any type of business and qualify employees to manage their networks through tools.

As an Integrator, Intensive 360 combines its efficient solutions to industry-leading technology choices and gives necessary support so that the focus of each client might remain in their own line of business. These partnerships play a major role in the approach of Efficiency that Intensive aims to offer to its customers – the perfect balance between costs and benefits.



Focus on management and economic resources


Nowadays, all corporate environment deals with the challenge of managing their IT assets. The more complex this environment (more stations, increased information flow and amount of applications, more vulnerability), the greater the challenges of IT departments, so that the network administration becomes impossible and extremely costly without a tool that maps all the infrastructure and manage its operation.

The Infra360 pursues to unify and automate the management from an inventory of local or distributed network, and monitor and performance demands of real-time system focused on increasing of productivity and economy of resources. The solution perceive all the infrastructure of computers and servers and it is designed for IT managers, but based on the concept of simplicity in favor of efficiency. The platform is intuitive and easy to handle and runs on Windows operating systems, Linux and Mac.

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The solution fits the reality of each company. At the moment of the installation, Infra360 is molded to the characteristics of the environment of each company, such as network architecture, quantity of endpoints, OS, permissions of use.

Extreme automation

All processes that do not depend on the constant monitoring of a professional are programmed by the tool.

Cost reduction

To provide a range of information and indicators on the State of the managed environment, the company can take the right decisions to cut unnecessary costs, such as postponing the purchase of stations, excessive use of licenses, purchase and memory.


The Infra360 delivers the following features:

Network inventory
Mapping of hardware and software that are part of the company's infrastructure in each Department, with full status of each managed system. The inventory update occurs in real time and the IT Manager has access, by the Infra360 platform, to all changes unwanted or programmed, that occur in company-managed systems, such as change of place of the season, taken from computers or components, memory usage, overloads.

Knowing the network is the first step to efficient management.
Software management
The solution enables to install or remove a software of one or of a group of machines in real time, or by appointment, automatically detect software licenses in use and point out which are valid (authorized) or not. In addition, it identifies which licenses are necessary and which are underused, optimizing the costs of renovation or purchase of new licenses and operating expense, avoiding the displacement of staff up to the installation location for software management.
Integration with solutions
The platform integrates the solutions used for the network, such as security products, giving the IT Manager visibility in real-time about threats such as viruses and malware installed improperly.
Remote assistance
The tool allows IT administrator to remotely control any managed system for network troubleshooting, performing customer calls quickly. With the visibility that the solution provides, any call is answered significantly ina faster way, reducing time of unavailability and increasing productivity of sectors.
Economy/Green IT
Allows the machines to turn on and off at pre-set times, according to the company's routine, reducing unnecessary costs related to waste of energy with computers outside of the company's activities.
Optimizing the use of resources
The platform allows you to establish policies to use for each department, or even to each terminal, limiting the number of sheets that the user can print in a given period, monitoring the use of external devices via USB – to ensure protection of the computers of the company – and by preventing access to certain content, both internal as external, following resource permitting standards of each user or department of the company.

Meet the platform

The Infra 360 is an intuitive solution. It is quite easy to administer and brings a complete visibility on the status of the network and each endpoint. Learn about the data and do a demonstration.

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